Welcome to Powder Monkey's Business

This is where both horse and rider needs are met. PMB is run by Allie Booth who is a senior instructor and highly experienced horse trainer. The business specializes in horses and riders who can excell in any discipline. Our idea is a horse and rider should be comfortable in any circumstance they choose, and that all disciplines have something to offer. A horses that can be trail ridden, taken to a show, jumped or muster cattle in sheep is one we truly appreciate. We like to think the age of the true all rounder is not over. This is why we have a strong focus on natural horsemanship for our youngsters, but dressage for our older mounts. And every horse and rider is encouraged to try everything out there, even if it is low level. 


For the horse:  we offer the basics of groundwork, to starting young horses, to high level competition.  We believe every field of horse riding integrates with all the others. Problem solving is also available.


For the rider: We take riders from never ridden to serious competitors.  Our clients have a wide range of focus, from those who only trail ride, to those who compete seriously in many fields. Riders of any age welcome. 


Float training, re-educating or furthering older horses, starting younger horses and helping riders solve problems including, but certainly not limited to, tying up, anxiety, being sticky, not wanting to lunge, not wanting to stop, and not wanting feet being picked up! We also offer riding lessons for the more experienced or even those wanting to start out. Here, we're of the mind that horse riding is for everyone! And we strive to ensure that everyone can meet their goals to the best of their abilities!