I got into riding as a very little girl. My parents told me that as soon as I could speak, I was asking for my first pony. It only took them a couple of years to give in!! Through the years I went from a paddock rider, to a western rider, to a pony clubber - and then I met Allie Booth and was introduced to Powder Monkey Business. At the time I was looking to furthering my knowledge in riding and get more in-depth into the English riding world. After a few lessons with Allie, I realised there was a whole lot more to it than I thought - and I had a huge thirst to learn it all! 


Originally I descovered I was more drawn to jumping  and gamiung than dressage. I thought that dressage of course was "boring" and "easy". Boy was I wrong!! Though originally thorugh cunning that diressed later to ouright teachings, that Allie showed me how neccesary Dressage was to furthering my riding skills and enabling me to actually feel confident and accomplished with jumping and gaming. I now realise how great it is to actually ride Dressage, how fun it can be and how useful it actually is to enabling horse and rider to better achienve results in their desired area. 


Through the years, my family and I couldn't afford to get a lot of lessons or do much in the way of showing or competing. So I started doing volunteer work with Powder Monkey Business, whcih gave me a chance to learn in return for helping Allie. I left the horsey world for a couple of yearswhile I attempted to follwo a different career path in real estate, but found myself continually drawn back to the weekends with the horses, either trail riding or competing, and of course just a few midnight rides...... 


In 2016, I lost my heart horse, I found I could no longer work in the city and returned to where my heart lay. I chose to try and work with horses full time if possible, as respect for the initial dreams I shared with Spirit. Allie then stepped up and asked if I would be willing to come back to PMB and ride for her. I jumped at the chance and have been with PMB ever since. 


Working at PMB has given me the skills of being able to read and communicate better with the hroses, both young and old, as well as improve my riding skills. My improved groundwork knowledge has produced some amazing results. It has enabled me to feel more cofident and comfortable handling my own young hroess and assisting with bringing on young horses that come thorugh our stables. I llike focusing on producing relaxed and more confident horses, and feel proud to be part of a team that has the same focus.

Allie & Ariel

Resting between rounds