So here goes, the first Blog in the new website! Welcome everyone, this is one of several reasons why I have missed the weekly mails. I am going to keep it fairly short as I really want to make sure I get it out. And I feel I am still experimenting with running the website and keeping it up to date. It is still very much under construction, but I hope it will be a useful place for us all. 


Feel free to have a look around. Notice we have a For Sale page - I am going to invite you all to submit posts for any horse / gear you have for sale, or if you are looking. At this stage I know of 3 horses available and a 4 people looking. I will try to post details there as I find the energy and time. 


Monthly Jump club starts again Sunday. 12 is the first group - I have room for 2 more riders. Max is 5 riders in the group. Cost is $60 for 2 hours. If I get sufficent riders (3 or more) I will run a class with heights of 60cm up wards. 


Wednesday of course is Social Day. The weather is looking very lvely for riding - totally out of order for what it should be - but great riding weather. 


The New float has been started - the frame made. 


The Ranger gets its artwork on this Friday, and the new logos for our jackets and t-shirts are also hopefully ready. 


In between this the horses are being worked, Donatella is here to be prepared for sale, Tucker is here for breaking in, and all the others are on the go. 


Going to keep it brief as there is so much to put, and I want to ensure I get this up on the site as soon as! 


Enjoy everyone



Coming Soon....

May 23rd. Here is hoping I am getting the orders right and that I can get this post to appear above the last one! 


As usal, much has been happening - The ranger is now all dressed up and looks great - and we are off next week to make some of the decisions on the new float as the frame is now together and we have to make the final decsion on placement of doors, which way the horses will face etc etc. All very exciting. 


This Sunday we are off to Mudgee dressage - this is a more formal version so we are plaiting up and dressing up. Strapper and photographer would be great if anyone want to volunteer.. We are taking Moose the Goose, Zues and Donatella, the buckskin stock horse mare who will be for sale shortly. She is a nice lass, fairly responsive so does not need a heavy hand. Photos to come. 


I have also decided to sell Jive - I simply do not have time to work all the horses, and I am finding it hard to even keep Mooses work up at this stage. I will be pricing her cheaply as I would rather she moved on quickly. She is not going to make a good horse for students, so she will suit a different  job. I hope to put her advert up on the for sale page. 


The monthly 2 hour Jump sessions are back on - so if you want to come along, look out for the sessions to come up. Junes date is yet to be set, but we will let you know. 


thats all for now,




6th of June:


Yes I made it!!! I got down to write another blog entry - would like very much to figure out how to reorder them so the newest is at the top.... sigh - cannot do everything. 


Social Day tomorrow looks like it is only for the brave. With a top of 6 and drizzle, I am going to be ducking in and out of the cold. I have broken out the thermals - double and quardruple layers are happening. 


Sunday we are trying for another Jump Lesson day - time is open likely will be something like 1pm again. 2 hours. $60 with your horse. $80 with PMB horse. A cheap jump lesson opportunity. Height will start at 45 and go up. 


As you can all see the float is now in the frame stage - very exciting - it is being made by Craig from A1 Sheet metal - Craig is an enudrance rider who likes to make floats as a hobby - and he found the quality on the market was not good enough. So he started making his own. 


On the competition side, Moose. Donatella and Zues all competed at Mudgee for varying success. Moose was exceptionally hot but still came 4th and when he settled better won his second test. DT decided once she was in the arena to stop listening and to try and take over, which didnt work. Zues did his first tests and did not disgrace himself. Sharron and Mystique in their first test had too much try hard, which was absent in the second test, giving a lovely glimpse of the future. It was an exceptionally long day, with presentation being very very late. It is not easy running those days, so when it does not go as smoothly as usual, it is an great appreciation for all the numerous times it does run well. 


Jive has been listed for sale - I have had several inquiries, 2 of whom seem suitable and one that is not. One that is not, offered to love her and treasure her. .... but asked no questions about her. And wonders how I can deem them an unsuitable home. On the basis that nothing is settled until the money is in the bank, I will not give further details for now, but one enquiry is just what i would want for her. I simply do not have the time to work her. With 5 client horses in next week and a 6th waiting - yep I dont have much spare time at all. 


On another note, my lovely dad is coming for a visit over the next week and a bit - I have not had a chance to see him for the past 18 months, so some lessons will be postponed as I do something very important - spend time with my dad. 


Last Saturday we said goodbye to one of our Kitties - Pippa was our oldest cat - she was very much an indoor cat and very lovely matriarch. At the age of 13, we feel blessed to have had her in our life. 


Thats all for now, enjoy everyone and stay warm - thermal clothing is brilliant!! 




Hi Everyone, it is a Sunday night and I am gratefull to find the time to write this. As many of you are aware, I have spent much time and energy in the past 12 months working on what i call business promotion. And I am not sure whether to cry or be happy as it has worked. Our work load has increased dramatically, which is brilliant! But it also means find the time to do some of the commmunication has fallen off. For which I feel a little guilty. Until this morning we have had 6 client horses in for working. Donatella, the lovely DT buckskin mare left this am for her new home, for which we hope it works out well. It is not my favourite thing, selling horses, as I fret too much about it going right. I want every match to be a forever home, but I know despite my best efforts, that will not happen. Despite my best efforts, my best knowledge and skills.... anyway, congrats to Taleyha on your match with DT, I love your compassion and your quiet strength. Thank you for your trust in me and in DT. 


Tucker is also making progress. We have started on the ridden work - he is so lacking in confidence. For those who remember Brass Monkey (now renamed Gus), Tucker reminds me of him. Very much willing to try, wanting to do the right thing, but scared. He is one of te slowest to progress horses I have worked with, but he is worth it. Tucker has some very quick moves Rory......  Tomorrows plan is to be on him while he is lead / follows another horse. Mister has volunteered.... He just does not know it yet. 


We have Chomp and Dante here - both 8 month old weanlings. Poor lads are missing their mums together. Master Bronze is proving a very good Uncle to them. Master is generally the lowest in the pecking order here, and he is enjoying teaching the very young the rules. I like how he is not being agressive with them, nor is he allowing them to get out of hand. Good work Master!!! Isobel will be proud of you! 


Jive has arrived in Victoria safely. With so much work on it was proving too hard to keep the work up to her. I regret selling her as an unfinished horse, but I am delighted with the home she has gone to. A highly experienced home who will take her hunting and eventing. That is just what she needs and will thoroughly enjoy. 


School holidays are coming up - and as often happens, I am unprepared, BUT not totally. The jump lesson will be on the 2nd July. We have a beginners day with room for 2 riders with their own horses on Tuesday the 4th and we will run a Novice day on the 5th. More dates to follow once I find my brain...... 


On the competition front we have the Warrumbungles ODE at the end of July, Mudgee dressage on the 3rd weekend, lessons in Mudgee  in between, and it never stops... Busy - yep thats us!! 


thats all for the moment - i am glad to be writing SOMETHING, as I have been too tired at times - thank for your patience!! 



WHOOPS!!! ALMOST FORGOT!!! CONGRATS TO DENISE!  ON becoming an ATHRA Trail Boss - you would have rocked it in and I would trust you to lead a ride anytime! 


Keep well and happy riding! 


The PMB Team. 

As usual, things are running flat out. And I wrote all this out last week, but then the computer froze and I lost it and here I am needing to write it all again. 


I woudl like to start with giving my HUGE thanks to my amazing and generous talented and willing helpers last week. The Tuesday beginners day just rocked, but as usual, it is only due to the incredible people who make it possible. So. Anna and Isobel, Anna working with young Marcus and Mister, and Isobel working with Matrix and Jess. Wonderful combinations which allowed everyone to gain so much confidence during the day. Next I need to thank Chloe for her tireless work from the beginning to the end of the day. Chloe helped in so many ways, and with such excellent humour. Tiarna also continued to be an fantastic help, including the loan of her lovley horse Topper. Topper was very kind for his rider who was returning to riding after a very long break. And I would also like to thank Gabby Dray and her mum Gena for the very generous loan of Bugga for the day. Bugga did not put a foot wrong all day. With such brilliant contributions, it is no wonder we all had a great day. 


So to other news...  we have just returned from a 4 day trek on the Turon River, finishing around Sofala. This was almost a holiday for me - I got to ride my very own Moose the Goose for all of it, and I allowed myself to enjoy not being in charge. Excellent people, good organisation, great food, and a chance to ride my own horse for a few days - yep we had a top time. I need to sort the photos out and about, but it is late and I really want to get thsi out. 


Social Day tomorrow.


Thursday is a mini beginners day (starting at 10 and finishing at 3) and then Sunday is Mudgee dressage.


The following weekend is lessons is Mudgee and at the end of the month we are going to the Warumbungles ODe.....


It is all go as usual, and I look forward to all of you joing me on the journey!




The PMB Team 

Date August 1 - the Horses Birthday:


As usual, I feel like I owe an apology for the delay in updates. Perhaps when I finish, everyone my understand why there is  sometimes a delay. I see from the last blog I left off after the trail ride... That was excellent. I enjoyed that very much. 


First of is horses for sale. A very sweet 8 yr bay mare, about 14hh, with great basic dressage and no dirt. A very lovely bay mare indeed. Registed, and an excellent type. $4500 - suit novice and up


16.2hh 14 yr old bay SOLID warmblood mare. registered. proven brood mare, broken in and with an EXCELLENT temperament - suit confident adult beginner and up. $3000


Gelding - ?9 yrs old - appaloosa - about 15hh - suit teenager who wants to do a bit of everything - not suitable for jumping past 60 cm. All good for everything else. 


All are very lovely temperaments and PMB are proud to represent these lovely horses.



Chomp has gone home, and we hope his mum will progress happily with him. Chomp is a lovely natured lad.


The following weekend was fairly quiet - we got lots of horses worked. The then weekend - which was the ODE at Connabarabran, the first ODE doe Zues, Moose and Ariel. Travelling up Friday seemed to take and age, but we finally got there abouyt 515. about 30 min to set up camp and settle the horses. Saturday the horses had dressage and showjumping and I was very pleased with Moose - without much work he did not much wrong with a 40 min warm up - he needs to relax and flow more, but at least he was listening and striving for me. Zues was a challenge to ride in the test. Show jumping - Zues sailed around - maybe not in the best style but was clear. Moose, was Moose. the HUGE tree stump was out to get him and so we collected time faults. 


ON the cross country I fully expected a fight to get Moose past all the scary things - ie -= everything. Instead, with very few quite gentle reminders to pay attention from the wacky smacky, he did just that. Moose really took to the whole concept and sailed around. I am yet to figure out how we god time faults, but as we did not have a watch it is very hard for me to assess. Next time. Next time he does 60 cm -= not 45. Zues was sticky and Ariel came home thinking she had 4 refusals, but the score sheet showed her as clear but slow. All in all - to this stage a great weekend. As usual, the people who event are a much less judgemental and more supportive than those in other areas. We spent some time with some exceptionally kind people (Carrot managed to bludge pancake) who were unhesitating in helping each other. 


On the way home was when things became a little more... challenging. It is about 4 hrs 30 from the event to home. After travelling an hour or so - about 10km from Medoran, the bracket holding the back axle on the float broke. The axle shifted, and the wheel shifted back into the mud guard and of course destroyed itself. The blue smoke was a clue I should pull over. Of course it takes a bit to sort out damage, but after having a look and removing the wheel, it was apparant the axle was shifted and there was no way horses could travel in the float safely. A few people pulled over to assist - many thanks indeed, but it was the people I routinely have in my life who went above and beyond to help. First, to Ron and Vicki Wellsmore, who without hesitation, collect(second) Jenny Beechy's float and drove 110 plus km to come and help. Steve Mannix (yep I could have taken the tyre off, but it was nice to be able to delegate.... to Chris whose name I do not know who without knowledge lent us his paddock to stay safe in..... All in all, we got home safely with the horse float in Mudgee with Ron and Vicki and the horses and Ariel and I home after 10 with Jenny's float. Thank you for the amazing community help - without it we would be struggling. Remember, help people, you never ever know when you will need it. 


The following morning, Monday, I had to call again for help. One of our kittys - Itty Bitty - I found in distress on the floor unable to move. An emergency trip to the vets. I wish so much there was a better outcome, but a couple of hours later Bitty was put to sleep. He had suffered from an embolism. Bitty was our deaf long haired white Kitty with a huge personality. He was the one who connected with me in a very strong way. A very large personality very suddenly gone. The house is very empty in so many small ways. Bitty was the one who was on my bed and next to me whenever I woke up in the middle of each night. Thank you Mary-anne for feeding ponies when I needed to think of other things. 


So now we are mostly up to date. This weekend looks like it is "normal" - what ever that means. 

 Please remember the  lovely horses clients have for sale, contact for more details








August 29 


I look at the date and go whoops. A whole month since I wrote last and of course a month since Itty Bitty left. Amazing how all these small souls who are here for such a short time manage to get into our hearts in such big ways. 


Social days have been quiet but have been lots of fun when we have had riders. Tomorrow the weather is not looking warm, but it is supposed to be sunny and not to windy. 


So what has been happening? We have Toby in for training. Toby is a young lad with very beautiful movement as befits all the horses his owners present. Toby (for some reason last week I started calling him William) is doing well. I am looking forward to seeing him perform in the future. 


We have said goodbye to Armond who was visiting Australia from France. Armond needed a dose of horse to help with his happiness, and we were delighted to have him come. With many years of working with Arabian horses, Armond was a very accomplished horseman with great gentleness. Matrix in particular enjoyed his attention. 


Ariel has chosen to leave working with horses as a profession. We wish her well in what ever she chooses. Working with horses is a very challenging arena and it is very hard to make it work. 


We would like to welcome Marne, Tanya Kevin and Zade to owning a horse for the first time. Yes, it is a life changing world. Mostly for the better... except maybe for the wallet.....  We would also like to thank Courtney and Danielle for agreeing to let Patch come. He will be loved and appreciated very much. 


The float is very close to being ready - I had photos come through today - all I need to do is figure out how to view them!! 

I think we will be going down to look on Thursday morning and hopefully will be able to take photos then. Modern tech - not my thing.


We have purchased another saddle - Thank you Jess - the money is being deposited is the next job after this.


Going to sign off and get this out! 


hope to catch you all soon!