Working with horses seems a strange thing for a qualified chef to take up late to the game, but since finding my way to the equine world I have discovered a real calling.  It has always been a dream of mine since I was a young kid, to have a horse, and I asked santa every year! Now i understand the concept of owning a horse more, I perhaps understand why my parents never relented. There is so much that is involved with horses,  everyday is a new lesson, a new adventure and to be able to share that bond with a horse is an incredible journey. I am still new to the horse world but it has sparked a fire inside i never want to let burn out. Its been challenging at times but so rewarding and life changing.


Working with horses has been an epic adventure,  each horse has its own personality and likes and dislikes and learning their habits helps guide them a little better. I find gaining a horses trust is something that cannot be taught but needs to be earnt. Horses are very smart animals,  we teach them, but they have so much to teach us. 


I began with a friend in riding lessons whilst still working as a chef. I had a regular lesson once a week for almost a yr when i decided my life as a chef didnt have the spark that being with horses had. I met Allie first as an instructor but with time,  hard work and perseverance on my end i got to meet and interact with Allie not only just as a student beginner but as a true friend with  a bond built over many hours many discussions and many win win moments. Allie inspires me to challenge myself and learn and grow and never give up. Good qualities to have working with horses as there are good days and bad days but everyday there is something new unexpected to learn from and grow with and add to ourselves and the horses. 


Since following my dream and becoming a member at PMB, I appreciate the professionalism in the  team, and I have   gained with confidence, the knowledge that if the horse's are happy,  and the humans are happy. It's a win win. It has become a team motto. Win Win - Our favourite!